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Hardly anyone pays attention to the two digits behind the decimal point of a monthly salary: What are a few cents for each individual? But if many people pool their cents, great things can result. And that is precisely the simple principle behind Restcent at SAP. With one click in the ESS scenario Restcent, every employee has been able to donate the decimal places of their net salary since 2009. Around 40 percent of all colleagues in Germany take part.

Once a year, all SAP employees in Germany can present organizations and their projects and submit them for funding. It does not matter where in the world these projects are implemented. However, only employees who participate in Restcent can vote on which projects are supported. Only they receive a personal, non-transferable invitation to vote.

What is certain is that the power of cents can make a big difference: Since 2009, SAP employees have been able to pass on around €1,330,000 to projects, supported by SAP's matching of annual collected amounts. So far, more than 114 projects in more than 37 countries have been supported.

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